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Sheefeni Hauwanga

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I'm an Atlanta based web developer whose highly experienced with building high quality sites. My experiences lies in building cross browser sites that play well with mobile. I prefer to work with teams and on projects that put their users first and focus on creating rich experiences. I am looking to establish firm working relationships with my clients, not just walk away after a single project. I'm flexible with my working hours and am happy to work closely with any existing developers and designers. I can work with your employees or any freelancers/contractor you may be working with. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Here is an idea of what I do.

Back End Development

I use redis for caching and simple persistance along with PostgreSQL for more robust storage. These along with Ruby on Rails allow me to create the logic that will drive your application.

Front End Development

To create a highly dynamic experiences for your users and customers I use AngularJS along with custom JavaScript using the jQuery library to create highly responsive visual interfaces.


We can use maps to show your user's movements. I can also use them to show your company's movements or events. It's a great way to incorporate your mobile and web presence.

Easy to communicate with

I can translate geek to English! Have a complex requirement you'd like but can't get into words? Do you need another developer for your project that can communicate well with others? I'm your man!

Latest entries from my blog

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Scope and Closure in JavaScript.
Sheefeni Hauwanga | 05 October
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Installing a Vagrant instance with RVM on Ubuntu.
Sheefeni Hauwanga | 28 September
RVM gives you a lot of control configuring Ruby for different projects, but after a while it can get a bit overwhelming. This is where Vagrant comes in handy...
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JavaScript and its many flavors of function Pt. II
Sheefeni Hauwanga | 21 September
So, on of the color things about JavaScript is that uses prototypal inheritance. I’ll talk about it in depth in a later post...
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Call me anytime from 9 am to 7 pm

+678 763 0436

Meet me at Hypepotamus

817 W Peachtree St NW
Ste A110
Atlanta, GA 30308

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